Jessie: Owner and main artist



“Hi Jessica here,  I am the owner of Allana Deluca, Hoshiko and a handful of other characters.  (I mention this because I am known by these other names in the furry fandom). I’m in my mid 20’s as of right now and am spending my days (and most nights) working.

Currently I live in Bloomington, IL with my SO Mikey( who helps run and design this website)

If you can’t tell I am a big furry, most of what I do does tend to be related to that but not everything. Along side the furry art/crafts, I also draw/create normal animals, anime characters, landscaping, computer backgrounds, logos and a whole host of other things, most of which can been seen on the site.

As of right now, this is purely a hobby of mine(kind of a side gig). I do hope in the future that this will become a stable side job but right now I am happy where I stand. With that, I do have goods and services you can purchase from furry central (my normal commission page is off line right now sorry)

I love doing things in the furry community and my way of giving back to it, as it’s been like a big family for me. Is to offer cheep and most of the time free art, reason this is my way is because I believe everyone should have a medium-high quality art of their idea’s/characters, because I understand that having that is is something truly special.

I’ve got 2 cats who I love dearly (almost more than I love my husband lmfao). If I’m not playing video games or working i’m drawing. its pretty much all i do 0.o

Anyway I hope you enjoy your stay here

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