Mike: Co-owner and writer



“Hello folks this is Mike. Many of you know me as Sentry the Baby Gryphon and/or Blaze Ing Heart. I am close to my mid 20’s (Jessie is only 7 months older than me). Served in the military armed forces and currently employed as a retail merchandiser.

As stated above I am living alongside the owner of this page in Bloomington, IL.

I myself am a big furry as well but unlike most I am not an artist. I have no ability in my body to draw. So I leave all that to her. I, on the other hand write stories and currently help others in need through messages on Kik, Skype, and Amino.

For me this is a way for my work to be published out there and for me to maybe be able to put my talents to use as a story writer.

I also hate doing about me pages so that’s why mine is so short, if you want to know more about me just contact us here or on one of our many other pages found below.

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Anyway I hope you enjoy your stay here and please feel free to leave us your thoughts!

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