Rewards program


Welcome to TVL’s Customer reward program!

From the first tme you commission us, you become one of our awesome “Minions”

As a TVL minion you will earn rewards and get “bites” each time ou commission us.Get bitten enough times and your status will eventually change from minion to Golden Vampire and as a golden vampire you will receive a 40% discount for life + more(buying something physical? Your rewards level is your coupon code!only valid for levels 4 and 5) read below to see our levels

Reward Levels:


Current Minions: 

Shay Genesis: 1 bite

mhambys86: 1 bite

Michael: 1 bite

Marcin: 1 bite

Bri Smile: 2 bites

GoJo Whitefang: 2 bites

Amanda: 1 bite

Brittany cal: 1 bite

Archana The Draggy :1 bite

Xannie: 2 bites

Current Fledglings:

Griffith Fox: 7 bites 

Maxwell/Clancy Deervis: 4 bites

Callentino: 3 bites

Noir: 4 bites 

Aero: 3 bites

Midnight Cat: 3 bites


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