Say hello to TVL’s Mascots!

Hello! We would like to introduce you to our Mascots! First we have adorable Marlen. Marlen here is a male sea pup. What is a sea pup you ask? A sea pup is an open species created by Jessie, these adorable little guys are half aquatic half land dwelling, you can learn about them here. Marlin is our main Mascot as he is pg13 only. We hope you come to love him as much as we do! We currently have a premade physical sticker pack you can buy of this cute little creature which can be found under our business tab-> physical items. We also have a telegram sticker pack based on him as well! You can find all of our telegram stickers here


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Our Second Mascot is not family friendly and sadly will not be shown on this post! Her name is Honey Bun. She is a light brown and tan anthro bunny, with pink hair/eyes/and nose, who..has been around the block quite a few times and won’t be stopping anytime soon. We have 2 ych’s for her all ready and plan more as well as physical and telegram stickers. How ever as we said she is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! So if you would like to see her,use anything regarding her we will require proof that you are 18 years or older.

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