November Updates

Hiya everyone, Allana here. I have some important updates for y’all. First and foremost. This site is costing us A LOT of money for all the features you see and we only bring in about 50$-100$ a month SO we are branching out to more free stuff. We have a brand new FA for business only!

You can find it here -> link 

If we can not make the 700$ that we spent on this site, by July next year, this site will sadly become an archive, to perpare for this we are being more active on the new FA, ych.commish and we also now sell/advertise on SL. We are also trying to be more active on twitter as well, as its better for quick updates than this site is.  We love our site, but with lack of donations, and few commissions due to trying to build up our fan base, we may not be able to keep it. We are sorry! if this site becomes an archive please follow us on the new FA or twitter.

Now good news! We mentioned this on twitter but we are making a YCH christmas pack. It will be $15 (i know thats a lot for physical stickers BUT) there are 12 different stickers, and most if not almost all have wiggle room of what you can change/add to them. These will be released next Friday, and as the post is often slow this time around be sure to grab your pack early!

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