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♥General Rules(applies across the board)♥
  1. I accept Paypal, snail mail (cash or check) if you have chase I also accept Bank Transfers.
  2. I will do any rating and gender except underage porn/scat/inflating. To me these are morally wrong an I will not touch them.
  3. Once a wip is approved, payment is expected. When payment is received I will color and shade the picture. After that picture will be posted on my sites(where depends on rating) and you will be sent a copy of the picture as well as a link to leave your review comment. That can be about the picture/outcome/process ect it is up to you but do try to avoid emojies.
  4. Regarding time frames, please understand this is just a general estimate. I have work to worry about as well as every day life. If for any reason I can not complete a commission you will be refunded.
  5. Must have more than one form of contact. Excluding email these are  skype, fb,kik, furaffinity , telegram,  and in extream cases text messaging.
♣Book covers and Illustrations ♣
  1.        Base price is $50 USD, contract or no contract
  2.  Option 1 No contract
    1.  Final price will depend on subject, complexity, deadline, plus 25$ for all rights to the image
    2. a shorter deadline will cost more than a longer one
    3.  When you own all rights to the image I will not be able to use the image anywhere or sell it, other than a one time posting at my art sites to show I’m the creator of it. You can do with it what you wish.
  3.      option 2  percentage contract.
    1.  Pay only the base price and deadline charge
    2. every time you sell something with my cover/illustration on it I receive a percent of the sale 
    3. Percentage are up for debate  
    4. This contract must be noterized and will stay in effect till your product is out of circulation ( you no longer offer it for sale) 
    5. I maintain rights to the image 
    6. Details will be discussed 

Computer and cell phone background.
(anything above a pg13 ratings is an extra $3 dollar charge due to the fact other people may see it (such as family)
Due to the small size of cell phone screen backgrounds are $25 USD
Computer Backgrounds are $15 USD
I do make logos but their prices varies
PokeBabies: There are a few things to remember when adopting a pokebaby. 
1) they come in the form of a “blind bag” This means you do not know who you are adopting until you receive and open your bag.  To see the babies that are ‘in season’ check out the “up for adoption” tab under PokeBabies 
2) they are 1 for $5 or 2 for $10 (shipping not included). 
3) If you adopt more than one and end up with a duplicate and you don’t want it. You can return the duplicate and get a replacement at no extra cost. You may only do this once though.
4) Shiny characters. If you find one, take a picture of you and your baby and email it to me directly ( . This will be posted under “shiny owners” so everyone can see your awesomeness.  
5) and finally, you may request a specif baby once it is out of season and if there are some left. again check “up for adoption” for details 
My little Pony: I can make earth pony(no wings no horn), Pegasi (wings(can be open or closed)), unicorn (horns) or alicorns (wings and horns) These take 2 weeks to make and the body alone (because they are single colors) take an entire skein of yarn. The eyes and cutie mark are made out of felt and the main/tail are made out of yarn. The pony height is just under 10 inches. Can be a custom character or a character to the show. Comes with a little “certificate of adoption”. Because of time and complexity the MLP dolls are $30
Laying/sleeping character: This takes about a week and depending on the colors used the amount of yarn used will depend. Like the pony these can be done to match a character you/your kid has or can be of one from a show. does not have to be a cat like in the picture. This are $25
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